About Intronics

In the past 35 years, Intronics has specialised in the development and supply of connectivity solutions for information and data supplies, retail and electronics. These connectivity solutions represent various kinds of connections; from the traditional connection as the cable or the connector to the connections between KVM or digital signage applications. Intronics' complete program is built from these (basic) connections and accessories.

Besides supplying standard stock products, we create customer specific solutions. We focus on the wishes and demands of our customers. Communication and cooperation with these customers are the factors to come to a successful result.

Intronics has offices throughout Europe; besides the main office in Barneveld and an office in Belgium, there are more foreign sales offices. This makes Intronics a suitable business partner in the international market.

E-business and paper media

On this website you will find a complete on-line catalogue, from which you can order directly. Further more you will find more possibilities like a track & trace option, a knowledge database and more technical information per product. Also a link of the ERP system is a possibility, for more information about this, you can contact our sales department: tel.nr. +31 (0)342-407040 or through e-mail: export@intronics.nl.

Intronics publishes a yearly product catalogue and informs her customers about the latest product information and developments through the 'update', which appears 6x a year. If you do not receive updates yet, but wish to receive them, please contact our sales department.

Membership TKH Group

Since 1999 Intronics is a member of the TKH Group N.V. The TKH Group is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam. For more information about the TKH Group, you can visit their website: www.tkhgroup.com.

Mission Statement

Intronics is determined to be the leading supplier of connectivity, security, networks and industrial solutions. Intronics is able to melt a broad range of products into creative, reliable and complete solutions for ICT, retail and industrial market segments.

The unique mix of know-how, logistic excellence and added value allow Intronics to be a valuable partner offering perfect balance in price and quality. Next to the fact Intronics values its client Intronics is also proud to be a no-nonsense organization where employees are given the chance to develop own initiative and career possibilities.

ISO 9001:2015

Intronics is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This certification confirms the continuous commitment to customer satisfaction and the resulting quality assurance and improvement.

Download the ISO 9001:2015 certificate of Intronics.

ISO 9001:2008