1981 - Founding of Intronics
Intronics was founded in 1981 and started out as a distributor for active, passive and electro-mechanic electronic components. Intronics mainly supplied to dealers and industrial resellers.

1988 - Founding of Adec
In 1988 Adec was founded. Adec was a separate daughter company, focused on supplying computer accessories to the early computershops and dealers. The personal computer became the commodity it is today and Adec and Intronics slowly grew closer until at a certain point, Adec merged with Intronics.

1990’s - Expansion Intronics
During the 1990’s Intronics Spain was founded. In Belgium, the company INEC was acquired by Intronics.

1994 - ISO credited
In 1994 Intronics received its ISO 9002 certificate.

1999 - TKH Group acquires Intronics
In October 1999, the TKH Group (Twentse Kabel Holding) acquired Intronics. The TKH Group is listed on the Euronext stock exchange in Amsterdam and focuses with numerous companies on developing, manufacturing and supplying state of the art systems and networks for the provision of information, telecommunication, electrotechnical engineering and industrial production.

2000 - Further expansion Intronics
In 2000 Intronics further expands; Javocom and Lapwing are acquired. These two companies are now part of the Intronics Group and have merged in January 2007 under the name Javocom.

2010 - Intronics takes over Inside Technology
In 2010 has taken over Inside Technology; with this take over Intronics broadens its product portfolio with professional video and multimedia solutions. Inside's knowledge of both the market and the products are a supplement to Intronics' present product portfolio. Besides all kinds of connections, Intronics can now also provide solutions behind the connections. 

2011 - Merger Javocom and Eminent
In August 2011, the two subsidiaries Javocom and Eminent merged under the name Eminent Europe bv. The activities of the two companies are centralized, but both companies remain active under their own name.

2013 - Javocom continues under the name Intronics Retail
Javocom has changed its name into Intronics Retail. Customers can now address to one location for retail, computer, AV and industrial products.

2013 - Intronics takes over Compricon With the take over of Compricon Intronics broadens its customer base and expertise. The activities of Compricon are integrated in the Intronics activities.

The loyalty of our customers makes our employees enthusiastic. Innovation, service and fast deliveries are no pressure, but have become the common trademarks of our company. Intronics is ready for a new period of growth, with further expansion and continuity as its central focus points.