Intronics, your European value added ict connectivity distributor

Ever since the emergence of the first computer stores, Intronics is active in selling ICT connectivity through those stores. Years of expertise which we are happy to share with our customers. The sales team that focuses on retail and online vendors has years of experience.

Intronics does not stop after delivering a product, we are committed to take a close look at the overall process of selling products and are providing support and optimization of our customers’ own sales process.

Expertise in selling ICT accessories

Selling ICT accessoiries is an expertise of Intronics. Over 200 retail outlets are selling our concepts. Through closely monitoring the resells in these stores, we know exactly what sells well in every type of store.

The accessories are suitable for both consumers as well as business users.

Also for the system integrator’s showroom

A system integrator often focuses on delivering a functional system to the customer. Many system integrators, automation engineers and installers have a showroom. With our instore solutions you will sell additional products to your customers without an extra effort. In addition, you do not have to worry about whether you are offering the right products, Intronics takes care of that for you.

ICT accessories for network, laptop, tablet and smartphone

Intronics supplies include:


  • Wireless routers and wireless network adapters
  • Network switches
  • IP cameras
  • Consumer alarm systems
  • Audio/Video, KVM


  • Mice and Keyboards
  • Chargers for laptop, tablet and smartphone
  • Cables
  • USB enclosures for hard drives and SSD
  • Speakers, headsets


  • Laptop bags
  • Tablet cases

Our product specialists recommend

You know the needs and demands of your customers and the specifications their solutions must meet better than anyone. We are always there for you if you want to discuss possibilities. Before, as well as during and after commissioning.

To really make a difference for you and your customer, the Intronics sales teams consist of experts who all have their own specialty.

Your purchasing process made easy by us

  • Over a million cables in stock
  • Drop shipments on location
  • Delivery within 24 hours
  • Ultramodern warehouse
  • Data links

Your advantages in a nutshell

  • Broad, comprehensive range
  • Quality products and excellent service
  • High return on accessories
  • Knowledgeable sales team