Intronics business friend Dutch Cancer Society

Intronics business friend Dutch Cancer Society

Intronics brings the day that cancer is defeated closer

Cancer affects us all. One in three Dutch people get cancer during their lifetime, more than 100 thousand people a year. Every year 43 thousand people die as a result of cancer. The disease is the number one cause of death in the Netherlands.

Together we come closer

Intronics shares the dream of millions of people: a world in which cancer is no longer a deadly disease. How beautiful it would be if this dream comes true. We contribute to this as a business friend of Dutch Cancer Society. With this support, scientists can take the step towards more knowledge, new successes and better treatments. 

Business friend of Dutch Cancer Society

As a business friend, Intronics helps reduce cancer by investing in top scientists specialised in cancer treatment. We give a feeling of support to cancer patients in the immediate vicinity and inspire employees, clients and relations to help reduce cancer.

More information

Would you like to know more about the business friendship or cancer research? Check the Dutch Cancer Society website: